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Porter Police Department - Handgun Application Information

How to apply...

All handgun license applications are now available online and only online.
The website is: http://www.aries.in.gov/firearms/permit.aspx

You will first receive a selection of Indiana Counties to choose from; you will select Porter. From that point on, the application is "fill in the blank". All questions must be completed. Once you have completed the application; you should proofread prior to "submitting" it.

What to bring to the Porter Police Department to complete you application process...

  • Your indiana driver's license or picture ID with your current address (Note: The city on your license MUST show Porter and NOT Chesterton. If it shows Chesterton, you will have to go to the BMV and have it changed to Porter before your application can be processed. There will be no exceptions.

  • Your Payment. Please see the below...
    4-year Hunting and TargetTown of Porter: $10 State: $5
    (*Refundable $5)
    4-year Personal ProtectionTown of Porter: $10 State: $30
    (*Refundable $5)
    Lifetime Hunting and Target
    (no current license)
    Town of Porter: $50 State: $25
    (*Refundable $30)
    Lifetime Hunting and Target
    (with current valid license)
    Town of Porter: $40 State: $20
    (*Refundable $30)
    Lifetime Personal Protection
    (no current license)
    Town of Porter: $50 State: $75
    (*Refundable $30)
    Lifetime Personal Protection
    (with current valid license)
    Town of Porter: $40 State: $60
    (*Refundable $30)
    Retired Law EnforcementFee Exempt (under IC 35-47-2-4)
    Retired Corrections OfficerFee Exempt (under IC 35-47-2-4)
    Dealer's Personal ProtectionFee Exempt (under IC 35-47-2-4)

    (Note: If applicable, bring a signed letter on letterhead from your former agency or corrections facility stating that you worked as a Correction Officer for at least 20 years and that you retired in good standing.)

    *A portion of the local fee is refundable if a license is not issued. The entire state fee is refundable if no license is issued.

    The Town of Porter fees are accepted in cash, money order, personal check or cashier's check.
    The State fees are accepted in money order or cashier's check only.

    Note: On the application you will have the option of expediting the handling of your application by scheduling an appointment with L-1 Identity Solutions to submit your fingerprints electronically to the Indiana State Police. L-1 Identity Solutions will also collect your state application fee. This is voluntary and there is an additional charge of $10.95. You may click the link that appears when you obtain your application number, or go to: www.l1id.com. Once on the site there is a section on the right side of the page that says Need Fingerprinting or Background Checks for Employment?
    Click here to schedule an appointment online.
    Locate a fingerprinting center near you

    You will follow the steps as they direct you. If you choose to use the L-1 Identity Solutions; you must come to to Porter Police Department to complete your application process.

When you arrive at the Police Department

  1. You will need to present you picture ID/Driver's License to the Dispatcher. It will then be photocopied and handed back to you.
  2. The Dispatcher will print your online application from the website; you will proofread it, sign and date it then the Dispatcher will sign as a Witness.
  3. You will then submit your payment to the Dispatcher. You will be issued a receipt for the "local" fee only. Your money order or cashier's check copy will be your receipt for the state fee.

If you did not get fingerprinted through L-1 Identity Solutions; you will be asked to fill out a fingerprint card prior to being fingerprinted by an Officer. The Officer will then fingerprint you and the card will be returned to the Dispatcher.

The Porter Police Department will transmit your application and mail all necessary forms to the State of Indiana Firearms Section for you.
The permit will be sent to your home in the mail by the State of Indiana.


The Porter Police Department processes Indiana Handgun Applications, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
No appointment is necessary.

Things to know...

You may apply no more than 1 year before your current permit expires.

If your permit has expired; you cannot carry until the new permit is received in the mail.

To get more information about Indiana Gun Laws/Statutes go to: http://www.in.gov/legislative/ or call Indiana State Police Firearm's Section at 317-232-8264.

If you move, change your name or lose your handgun license you may print out an Indiana State Form 53228 "Duplicate Handgun License Request and/or Notification of Name or Address Change" form and follow the instructions.
You may also pick up a form at the Porter Police Department anytime.

Your Indiana handgun license is not recognized by most other states and it may not allow you to legally carry a handgun outside the State of Indiana. If you are traveling; it's a good idea to call the states you will be going through to see if they recognize the Indiana handgun license and how you can legally transport a handgun while traveling, etc.